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Low Taxes. Small Government.
Individual Responsibility.


Liberal Democrats WA have a vision; a vision of a State and Country in which small government and minimal regulation combine to ensure and enhance our personal freedoms.

We believe in people. We believe in the right of the individual to choose how he or she lives, so long as they harm no one else in the process. The collectivism at the heart of socialism is anathema to us, because it invariably leads to dependency, and mediocrity. We believe that individual action – the right to choose – offers the best incomes, both for the individual, and for society as a whole.

We concede a role for government in the form of a criminal justice system, and for national defence. But we refuse to allow government to dictate every facet of our lives. We believe that the individual is best placed to spend his or her money on the things that matter to them. As such, we are the party of low tax, and even of no tax in certain circumstances.

Dr Stuart Hatch


State President
Liberal Democrats WA


We are classical liberals. 
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