Automotive - Liberal Democrats WA


As Liberal democrats, we believe that our traffic laws need to strike a better balance between safety and efficient travel.  We live in a large state, in which motor vehicles are a vital means of transport, and this needs to be recognised in the balance we strike.

Speed limits should be set at, or slightly above, the 85th percentile, and the setting of speed limits and other road-based laws should be conducted in an open and transparent manner, with both bureaucrats and politicians required to publicly justify their decisions.

The enforcement of speed limits should allow a tolerance of 10% for speedometer error and temporary inattention, and covert enforcement of speed limits (including the placement of speed cameras) should be replaced with sign-posted enforcement to increase the deterrent effect.

Fuel taxes should be substantially reduced by eliminating government waste, duplication, unnecessary regulation and excessive bureaucracy.  The fuel excise tax should be abolished, and all fuels, whether petrol, LPG, ethanol or CNG, should be subject to the same basic level of tax.  It is not the government’s job to favour one fuel over another.