Deregulation - Liberal Democrats WA


As Liberal Democrats, we support an immediate end to state and federal government ownership of:

  • The NBN
  • The ABC
  • SBS
  • Australia Post
  • Western Power
  • TAB
  • Bus, ferry and rail services

At a state level here in WA, we suppose the immediate reduction or removal of regulations pertaining to:

  • The taxi industry
  • Retail trading hours
  • Liquor licensing

And over time, we also favour privatising:

  • Government-owned TAFE colleges
  • Government-owned Universities
  • Most government-owned public schools
  • Most government-owned public hospitals
  • Government-owned land and buildings not earmarked for specific government use

We believe that the withdrawal of government from commercial areas, and the removal of regulatory barriers, will lead to increased employment opportunities, greater revenues for the government, and lower prices and better value-for-money for consumers.