Our Director - Liberal Democrats WA

WA State Director


My name is Jack and I am the State Director of the Liberal Democrats WA. I was drawn to the party’s values and beliefs regarding freedom, to do as you please as long as it does not harm anyone else. I am responsible for managing the administrative operations of the party, and to implement the party’s decisions and strategic plans. I also provide the Party’s decision-making bodies with support and advice whenever needed.

My passion is Technology and Cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. I envision one planet with a global currency, a place where inflation and banks do not exist, a world where the individual is solely responsible for their finances - the ultimate Liberty Coin. Send me a message if you would like to discuss anything Crypto-related.


I encourage you to stay in touch by subscribing to our electronic newsletter – Libre Mail – which will keep you up to date with developments of the Party on a monthly basis.

Jack Taylor

State Director
Liberal Democrats WA