Executive - Liberal Democrats WA


President: Dr Stuart Hatch

Stuart was born and raised in Perth, and as well as being the President of the WA branch of the Liberal Democrats, is also the executive director of the Australian Libertarian Society, and has a long association with the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation.  He studied physics and electrical engineering at UWA, and completed his Ph.D. in 2009.  He currently works in the field of electron and x-ray microscopy.

Immediate Past President: Connor Whittle

Connor is a Bunbury-based draftsman, who likes to travel. A by-election candidate in the seat of Canning in 2015, and a Senate candidate at the 2016 federal election, he was the Liberal Democrats WA branch President from 2015 until early 2017.  He now sits on the State Executive as the Immediate Past President, a role he undertakes remotely, having recently relocated to Germany for work.

Vice President – Development: Glenn Tobin

By day, Glenn is a business owner, and Director at Oresome Products Pty Ltd, a Victoria Park based blasting solutions company. He is also an accredited member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers. By night, he plays guitar in a popular Perth band, and serves as Vice President (Development) for the Liberal Democrats WA, in the hope that one day we can have a government that taxes, interferes, and undermines less.

Vice President – Communications: John Gray

John was the party’s candidate in the federal by-election in Fremantle in 2018, knocking the Greens into third place, and achieving a historic second placing for the Liberal Democrats in the process. An ex RAN officer, he is currently studying Law at the University of Notre Dame Australia and serves as the party’s Vice President (Communications).

Vice President – Policy: Jared Neaves

Jared is currently a full-time student, studying cybersecurity. He has worked in the underground mining sector on various sites across Western Australia, and prior to that was a nightclub manager. He is both a firearms enthusiast and a motorcyclist and became an advocate for libertarianism in a large part to defend his hobbies.

Secretary: Rawden Hill

Rawden is a senior consultant and director of one of Perth’s leading safety and management consultancies. Originally from South Africa, he brings an international flavour, and many years of business experience to the Liberal Democrats WA branch, which he serves as Secretary.

Treasurer: Graeme Klass

Graeme is a senior software engineer, husband, and father of three.  He currently works in the mining and drilling technology industry, and regularly travels through some of the remoter parts of Africa, Asia, and Australia as part of his work.  A libertarian for more than a decade, Graeme stood as a Senate candidate in the 2016 federal election, and currently serves as the Liberal Democrats WA branch Treasurer.

Hon. Auditor: Craig Buchanan

Craig is a full-time research officer, a part-time book reviewer, and is currently in the closing stages of Ph.D. research at the University of Western Australia. A long-term advocate of small government, and an opponent of federal overreach, he tore up his Liberal Party membership card when federation reform was taken off the table in 2016, and joined the Liberal Democrats in search of a better, fairer Australia.

State Director: Jack Taylor

Jack is a graphic designer with more than a decade of experience in live television broadcasting, animation, and automation. His passions are Snowboarding, Technology and Cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. He joined the party as it's State Director in 2019 to aid the party with its business administration and digital marketing.

Executive Officer: Carl Schelling

Carl completing a BCom in Economics and Political Science, currently studying at UWA.  A supporter of people pursuing their own happiness and reducing government involvement in peoples’ everyday life.  He was the party’s campaign manager for the federal by-election in Fremantle in 2018 and Senate campaign in 2019, and sits on the Executive as one of its Executive Officers.

Executive Officer: Wesley Du Preez

Wesley was the party’s candidate in the federal by-election in Perth in 2018, after which he joined the State Executive as one of its Executive Officers.

Executive Officer: Cian Hussey

Cian has a public policy research background and is a politics and international relations major at the University of Notre Dame Australia. He served as the Liberal Democrats’ campaign manager for the 2018 federal by-election in Fremantle and now sits on the State Executive as one of its Executive Officers.