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Outdoor Recreation

As Liberal Democrats, we believe in public access to public land.  

Approximately 93% of Western Australia’s land area is Crown land (that is, not private held land), and the Liberal Democrats believe that as much of this land as possible should be opened up for public enjoyment.

Under current law, anyone constructing a track (for example, as a bike trail, or a walking track), and anyone discharging a firearm or other weapon on Crown land is guilty of a crime, and liable to a fine of $10,000.  This land is held by the government on behalf of the residents of the State, and we believe it should be utilised to its fullest for the benefit of all.

The Crown currently grants licences to individuals and companies to undertake acts on Crown land.  This is unacceptable, as it (a) demands a fee for something which should be freely given, and (b) only allows those who can pay to enjoy land owned by the State.  The Liberal Democrats oppose this wholeheartedly.