Tax - Liberal Democrats WA


As Liberal Democrats, we believe that Western Australia and the Commonwealth need a low tax future.  Taxation at its current level discourages Australians from working and saving, and impedes investment.

That’s why we want to decentralise government, and limit the state to the provision of police, courts and prisons; fire services; animal control; roads and transport services; libraries, local amenities; basic public services (such as consumer protection, and building standards), and the provision of means-tested vouchers for health, schooling, and welfare services.

We would replace insurance tax, taxes on vehicles, stamp duty on property transfers, and other nuisance taxes collected at a state level with less inefficient alternatives, while ensuring that the overall level of the state’s taxes as a proportion of GDP declines over time.

The best person to decide what you spend your money on is YOU.  That’s why we’re committed to leaving as much of it in your pocket as we can.